Delivering SIMPLE, EFFICIENT Bookkeeping solutions.

Delivering simple efficient bookkeeping solutions is EML’s speciality. Why complicate it when simple and easy works. It’s about working smarter and more accurately than spending hours manually updating your accounts.


Using Technology

As business owners, we have to wear ‘many hats’ and are expected to know everything in the beginning stages of our business. It’s not always an option to outsource straight away. Learning and researching new software can be daunting, overwhelming and, time-consuming, especially if we don’t know what we’re looking for or if it will be suitable. 

I love technology. It certainly makes life easier and can save hours once set up and working as it should be. 

Enchanted Moon runs on technology. Keeping up to date with the latest apps. Trialling them to make sure they will make client’s lives easier and are easy to use. That is what technology is there for….. to make our lives efficient and the information more accurate. 

Simple solutions

Explore How EML can support you

Whether you’re just starting on your business journey or have been in business for a while, there simple efficient bookkeeping solutions. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

You didn’t start your business to end up spending hours on paperwork, did you?  So why spend hours on this when you can spend just minutes each week keeping your records up to date and even less time at the end of the year filing your taxes.

Sounds good?   Click on the solutions below to discover the options I offer to free up more time for you. 

Bookkeeping Managed For You

Managing the bookkeeping is not every business owners cup of tea. If you would like complete peace of mind, hand the task over to an expert to handle this job for you. All you would need to do is ensure you submit the paperwork to me as and when you receive it. Either through email or on an app on your phone. Let me take care of the rest, giving you the freedom to do what's important to you. To find out how it works and what other options there are, click on the icon. options there are, click on the icon.

Bookkeeping Manage It Yourself

Are you updating your spreadsheet once a month, or worse, once a year when your tax is due? Are you getting stressed and overwhelmed because you can't remember what payments or income were for or missing invoices/receipts? Is it taking you hours, and would you rather be doing something else? What if you could have a simple and easy to manage cloud accounting software in which you spend 15 minutes (estimated based on the number of transactions) updating once a week? A system would make the job so much easier, and you may even find yourself enjoying it! Click on the icon to find out more about how it works and other options.

Learn All About The Founder

Meet The Founder

Fun Fact.....

I enrolled at University in Pretoria in 2004 for Fine Arts, adamant I wanted to be a graphic designer. I only completed 9 months, as I realised I didn't want a career in the creative industry after all. I thoroughly love it, though and have kept up the creative interests in my spare time since.

Steph Jones

Managing Director


Member of the International Association of Bookkeepers | 16 years bookkeeping experience | Bookkeeping and Payroll Management course completed through ICB | Currently studying towards the BA (Honours) Business Management (Accounting) through the Open University

Supporting You Every Step Of The Way

Three steps to less stress and more time


Understand your business

We’ll arrange a discovery call to understand your business and your struggles.


Plan of Action

Together we’ll arrive at the simple efficient bookkeeping solutions which will work for you.



Together we’ll implement the solution. We’ll monitor it and tweak it until it’s working just right for you.