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The vision

from the beginning

I’ve always had a passion for helping people, creating processes, accounts, and systems. So, when I started my bookkeeping business, it became clear my vision was to support businesses with their accounts. To ease the stress caused by the overwhelming amount of knowledge and documentation required by HMRC and by accounts.  

A passion and love for numbers, technology and efficiency

Overview And Experience

About Steph Jones

I was born and raised in South Africa. I moved to England at the end of 2008. 

I enjoy creative hobbies and have tried just about every one over the years, enjoying them all except creative writing (working on my website content has been more of a challenge than a joy).

I have finally settled on painting, photography and sewing. I love nature and wildlife and enjoy exploring the countryside on walks, spotting wildlife and farm animals. 

I’m also on a very long study journey at The Open University, doing a Business Management-Accounting degree, completing modules as and when I can. There is no rush for me to finish this, as I want to enjoy the degree at my own pace.

I look forward to hearing from you!


I love a challenge and won't give up until I've found a solution. There is nothing more satisfying than finding a good solution that works to a problem.

I know  it’s a big struggle running a small business. I’m there too. It’s just me in my business and I too have to do everything myself, learning all areas of business… How to market effectively, find the right clients, create a website, branding, social media, admin work, finance… and the list goes on. When we are just starting out, we don’t always have the funds to outsource to the experts, nor do we have the time to become experts.

Through the years during my career, I worked hard to find the shortcuts, to create systems and processes that would save me time and give me the most accurate results. This always lead to my work hours being reduced or other tasks assigned to me! When this kept happening, I realised it was  time to start my own business, so I could help other people make light work of keeping on top of their accounts quickly and efficiently like me.  

And so Enchanted Moon Ltd (EML) was born.

Technology plays an important part in my business and more importantly, in my client’s businesses. This is the key piece in making mine and their lives easier, resulting in less stress and frustration. We all gain more hours to focus on the important parts of our businesses, not that the finance side is not important, it really is!

This is my WHY – seeing my clients happy and less stressed, because they have a handle on their accounts, a simple, efficient bookkeeping solution, whether I manage it, or they do. They can focus more time on their WHY. 

So, I urge you, if you are struggling, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and have no control over your time, give me a call. Let’s have a chat and get you spending more time on your WHY! 

If you’re not stressed about your accounts, but you’re still spending time updating a spreadsheet, let’s chat. I know I can give you many more hours back. 

I would love to hear from you!

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